Add UR Information and Bitmap Image in System Properties

Open Notepad & type:


Manufacturer= "Type manufacturer information here"

Model= "below manufacturer information here"

[Support Information]

Line1= "1st  line information"

Line2= "2nd  line information "

Line3= "3rd  line information "

Line4= "4th  line information "

Line5= "5th  line information "

Line6= "6th  line information"

Line7= "7th  line information "

Line8= "8th  line information "

Line9= "9th line information "

Line10= "10th line information "


Save it as oeminfo.ini in C:\WINDOWS\System 32.


NOTE: You can also create a bitmap file and name it as oemlogo.bmp, save it in C:\WINDOWS\System 32. (But when u will design bitmap image then size is 1x1 inch and resolution is 100 .)


Right Click  on my computer icon and click on properties then u will see ur information and bitmap image

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Sep 11 11 03:35:34
You really found a way to make this whole process eisear.