Pause() function in PHP

we can pause the php execution while running the php process by using sleep() function. The pause() function given below,

function pause($seconds){

delays or pause the program execution for the given number of seconds.

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Dec 21 12 02:38:56
I tried the sleep() function but I do not know whay my server does not answer.

May 23 11 10:58:53
kahn39, according to, it sleeps wherever you put it (see their time echoing example)

Mar 16 10 02:40:14
This is not quite true. If you put sleep(5) ANYWHERE in your program, it will not START for 5 seconds. If you have it buried in 'if'... that should not take effect until late in the script - it STILL sleeps for 5 seconds then STARTS the script.
sleep is a terminal pause - NOT a script pause !